Ponnan Poosari Parampariya Vandhyatha Chikitsalayam

Ponnan Poosari Parampariya Vandhyatha Chikitsalayam (Ponnan Poosari Infertility clinic) is a hereditary treatment center for infertility based in Palakkad, Kerala. The knowledge of this paramparya chikitsa (hereditary treatment) for infertility goes back to 8 generations. Presently, our family’s secretive knowledge is shared and practiced by the 9th heir to the family- Dr. Nishikant Padoor.

The treatment center is named after our fore father Ponnan Pooshari. History says that he was issue-less for many years and was given this sacred knowledge by a hermit. The medicines were prepared out of rare herbs, plants, roots, oils etc in very acute proportions and in specified weather conditions. Witnessing positive results through these near magical medicines, Ponnan Pooshari thereupon decided to share this knowledge with more issue-less couples like him and release them from the depths of  sorrow that only another issue-less person could understand.

We continue to make these medicines even today using the exact same procedures, ingredients and  weather conditions.

Being made from pure, natural ingredients our medicines do not have any side effects (unlike the other treatments). The medicines does the job of cleansing, purifying as well as that of repairing our system to get back into normalcy.

By blessings of our forefathers and God, we continue to see positive results in almost all of our clients. We have seen couples who have been married for many years or couples with failed experiences through IUV, ICSI, FET,  etc also conceiving upon 6 months of trying our medicines.

We have tried to broadly discuss some frequently asked questions as well as the medicine course routine. Please contact us for more information.

Kindly call us up for an appointment.

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4 Responses to Ponnan Poosari Parampariya Vandhyatha Chikitsalayam

  1. tentatives says:

    We are from Bangalore. After multiple IUI, ICSI, FET etc. and poor success, we visited Dr. Nishikanth at Padur and took medicines from him. He advised 6 months of medication. Our great joy to say that we were recently blessed with a pregnancy the month after the first round of initial treatment. Our prayer now is for a smooth pregnancy.

    • ushass says:

      This is awesome news. Once you get a chance, you should write a detailed testimonial so that it can motivate others in the future. All personal details can be avoided. Let me know if thats something you are interesting in creating.

      • tentatives says:

        I will do that for sure.Right now, we are just super anxiously waiting to get through to the other side, mainly due to past scars. I am ashamed to say that I have not even directly informed Dr. Nishikanth yet. Only indirectly informed through 2 couples we directed there. I have blogged our infertility treatment experience off and on. Will add section on this treatment and post a link here.

  2. tentatives says:

    We had our baby couple months back. We called Dr. Nishikanth Padur and conveyed our gratitude for his help. I have blogged about our experience with the treatment here: http://infertileinbangalore.blogspot.in/2015/07/ponnan-poosaris-treatment.html

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